Fishing Accessories Kit【188PCS】 Set with Tackle Box, Including Pliers, Jig Hooks, Bullet Bass Casting, Swivels Snaps, Sinker Sliders, Line Beads, Sinker Weights, Split Rings, Fishing Leaders.



Brand: Lovelydecor


  • ✿ Various Fishing Accessories – this track box inclues 188pcs fishing accessories, Fishing Lures, Fishing hooks, Fishing Sinker Weights, Fishing Leaders,
  • ✿ High Quality Material – all fishing accessories are made of stainless steel, prevent corrosion in seawater environment and extend service life.
  • ✿ Easy to use – each kind of fishing accessory is placed in a different small grid with a transparent cover, so that all items can be well sorted, stored and easy to identify and use.
  • ✿ Easy to carry – the box size is 4.72″x3.8″x1.2″, it weights seven ounces, very light weight and small volume can be taken everywhere
  • ✿ It is a great gift for fisherman.

Package Dimensions: 49x156x298

Details: Included in the package
  1. 1pcs tackle box
  2. 1pcs pliers
  3. 40pcs removable split shot
  4. 20pcs jig hooks
  5. 4pcs spoon lures
  6. 4pcs fishing leaders
  7. 4pcs head jigs hooks
  8. 10pcs heart shaped plastic sheet
  9. 4pcs space beans
 10. 30pcs night lumious beads
 11. 15pcs sinker sliders
 12. 10pcs barrel snap swivel 
 13. 10pcs rolling swivel snap
 14. 1pcs lure hooks keeper
 15. 4pcs sinker weights
 16. 10pcs split rings
 17. 10pcs fishing spring
 18. 10pcs crossline barrel swivel 

UPC: 317132120415